Dinh Cau Night Market

Situated in the center of Duong Dong , 300 meters stretching from  Vo Thi Sau St to Sung Hung pagoda toward the beach. The night market is the palace to buy souvenirs, all kinds of crafts are on sale in addition to the usual fresh produce and seafood. This can be a good place to buy pearls… while the kids are occupied in the playground.

In the market are more than 100 stalls, most of them selling ready-to-eat seafood. Grilled fish/shrimp, vermicelli served with sour crab soup, boiled sea snails, boiled cuttlefish served with Phu Quoc-brand fish sauce, rice spaghetti served with fried fish - these are just some of the kinds of seafood that are available in the Dinh Cau night market, and the seafood in Phu Quoc has something that distinguishes it fr0m that found elsewhe-re. In addition to food, there are sellers in the Dinh Cau night market offering fine handicrafts, jewelry and souvenirs made of sea turtle shell along with pearl necklaces/bracelets, dried starfish, and lampshades made fr0m seashells