Minh Tri Restaurant

A nice local place to relax on the beach and enjoy a range of dishes and cocktails. Minh Tri Restaurant is well known to the tourists of Long Beach for its delicious fresh seafood, European and Asian dishes. It's the local place to relax after a long hot day on the beach.

After you have a cocktail, play some billiards and listen to the western music and just relax and have some fun with the other tourists. For food our restaurant has soup and chicken for starter, main course is chicken, beef or pork, seafood available includes shrimp, squid, fish, Elephant snail, eel and more with rice or noodles or just order a hot pot. Minh Tri Restaurant is located on Long Beach Phu Quoc island Vietnam.

Variety: Seafood, European & South East Asian dishes
Price: > US $10
Address: Tran Hung Dao, Khu Pho 1, (77) 848 829
Directions: Long Beach, southern end of Duong Dong
Website: www.pattayacity.com/pq/minhtri