Sim Wine

 This kind of wine is made from ripen myrtaceous fruits (Sim fruits) which can be found nowhere else in Cuu Long River Delta region except in Phu Quoc. In Phu Quoc, you can find thi kind of fruit everywhere. This kind of wine possesses a special flavor which can be compared to any kinds of imported wines.

Sim Wine is originated from Tay Nguyen; Tay Nguyen people have long applied Sim wine as a remedy for tiredness after hardworking days.
In order to produce good Sim wine, the input material must be selected carefully. The Sim fruits are grinded well then fermented with sugar with a reasonable ratio. After 40-45 days, the mixture will turn into a kind of wine with pink color, which we call Sim wine. This kind of wine taste like grape wine with the concentration of about 11,5%.

You should not misunderstand Sim wine with other kinds of wines made from Sim fruits like those made from the body, the root or leaves of Sim trees or Sim fruits soaked directly into wine without being fermented. In Phu Quoc, there are several households who are specialized in producing Sim wine for tourists with the quality being recognized by Kien Giang’s Department of Health, such as Thành Long, Sim Sơn.

Tourists coming to Phu Quoc and enjoy the special kind of wine here and buy some as the presents for their friends and family.
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