Coi Bien Mai

 Tourists who have once come to Phu Quoc cannot miss a chance to enjoy this dish. What is it? It is the two pieces of muscle that connect the two shells of the Bien Mai surf clam. If you are a much-travel person, you may have had chance to experience the surf clam in other coastal regions.

Coming to Phu Quoc, you will also have chance to enjoy the surf clam, but not the same as that of other regions since other part of this kind of clam is not used except the twoside muscles.

Coi Bien Mai can be processed via various ways, each of which brings about distinctive delicious flavor. It can be fired with many kinds of mushroom, onion and green field cabbage. The chef can also add soy bean sauce into this dish to give it a local taste. However, the grilled may be considered the most delicious since it can maintain the original flavor of Coi Bien Mai. It will be soaked with salt and grinded chilly before grilled. The grilled Coi Bien Mai is crisper and tougher.