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Explore the Island on a Motorbike

Travelling around the island is one of most fun things you can do, but beware – many of the island's roads are not paved. Sturdy shoes and long trousers are a prerequisite. Scooters are easily rented from most hotels. In Duong Dong town you can see (and smell!) the fish sauce factories.

Nearby is Suoi Tranh waterfall which is about 4m high (sometimes from January to May water can be a little lacking).

Checkout Bai Sao on the east coast, reputed to be the best beach on the island, think white sand and turquoise sea. Find a deserted spot on long beach to stop for a swim. In the northern part of the island the terrain gets more mountainous, and the roads a little more bumpy. Lots of isolated beaches are waiting to be found, along the way up to Dai Beach and beyond, many small fishing villages are passed.
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