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Hiep Thanh Resort Location: Long Beach

100C/8 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong - See Map
Hiep Thanh is unique relaxation beach resort, set amidst a lush garden, on the beautiful white sandy beach of Long Beach, Phu Quoc island, Vietnam All rooms and bungalows at Hiep Thanh ...

Gio Bien Resort Location: Mui Duong beach

Mui Duong beach, Phu Quoc - See Map
Gio Bien Resort Phu Quoc is a seaside resort, located in the section of Ganh Dau - Phu Quoc, where this center you can see the land (Cambodia), you will always feel the fresh, cool a features ...
$ 20

Moon Resort Location: Long Beach

82 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong - See Map
Located between Duong Dong Resort and Kim Hoa Resort. Just 10 minutes go by taxi from Air port Phu Quoc to Moon Resort. This is a new resort, so all of facilities are new and we guarantee that you ...
$ 20

Beach club Resort Location: Duong Dong Town

Ap Cua Lap, Xa Duong To - See Map
We are a small and beautiful beachfront bungalow resort situated on the largest Vietnamese island in the Gulf of Thailand. Welcome to Phu Quoc Island. Built right on the beachfront, we ...
$ 25

Ngan Sao Resort Location: Duong Dong Town

Dong Duong town, Phu Quoc Island - See Map
Thousand Stars Resort name of new Resort which is located in the windy hill, with harmonious architecture, with animal statues set up meticulously along a road to the bedrooms, seafood restaurant, ...
$ 30

Sea Star Resort Location: Long Beach

Ba Keo, 7 ward, Tran Hung Dao Street - See Map
Welcome to Sea Star Resort. Sea Star Resort is reminiscent of a tranquil Vietnamese village in an evergreen coconut grove. The resort is proud to have the nicest stretch of Long Beach with natural ...
$ 30

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