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Duong Dong town

Duong Dong is an old village. Formerly, besides villagers’ houses, poplars densely grew into forest and then forming the poplar forest here. This explains the origination of the name Duong Dong (Duong: poplar, Dong: dense). Duong Dong means the place where poplars grow densely.

Duong Dong town- the administrative and economic center of the district is the hub connecting Duong Dong to Ham Ninh, An Thoi, Can seaport and Thom beach. It also has the airport and the estuary for exchanges between the island and other places.

The large market with many kinds of goods which is located in the center of the town is busy with sellers and buyers all day. Most is seafood. Fishing-boats crowdedly moor in the harbor. Here, goods from the land like rice, fruits and other consumer goods are unloaded ashore and other specialties of Phu Quoc like pepper, seafood, and fish sauce are loaded onto the ships to the land.

The central post office communicate with everywhere inland and abroad.
Restaurants and hotels on seashore are spacious and ready to serve tourists.