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Da Ban stream

It is located 16km east of the center of Duong Dong town – center of the Phu Quoc island. On Duong Dong route 1km north, turning right along a bendy road, tourists will arrive at Da Ban stream – a wonderful natural site. The weather is as cool as that of Dalat and it is very quiet because there are not a lot of people here.

The stream rises from a high mountain range edging their way through big and flat stone slabs lying in series. It is so-called Da Ban stream.
The stream is so poetic and reminds people a water-colour painting with two gods playing chess on stone slabs

In addition, tourists can climb on stone slabs, deeply reach the upper origin to listen to the stream babbling and birds singing- like the music of forest - A kind of music that none of musical instrument can completely express its melodious rhythm.

It is totally relaxing to rest on cool stone slabs while viewing blue sky and slowly flying white clouds as if sometimes stuck at leaf canopies affectionately and quiveringly. In a short while, time seems pausing, space backs to thousands of years ago, rough daily businesses fly out and leave space for the peaceful inner feelings.

Collecting wild fruits, dipping in the stream, making fire in the cave or catching fish for grilling, tourists will have the most interesting meal. For a moment, we become cavemen in 20th century.