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Phu Quoc Weather

Phu Quoc Island has a tropical climate that varies throughout the year so its worthwhile knowing what weather conditions to expect before you arrive. The following Phu Quoc Climate and Weather information is based on six years of the most recent climate and weather statistics and first hand accounts of weather conditions, to provide you with a reasonably accurate picture of the weather to expect on Phu Quoc island for an enjoyable and relaxing holiday.

Best time to come to Phu Quoc

High Season
Phu Quoc islands sub-equatorial climate is at its best during the November to March period, when the sunny skies dominate, with consistent temperatures around 25-28 Celsius (77-82 Fahrenheit) and lower humidity make it a great time to be here. All tour and dive operators go out on a daily basis, weather permitting. On the negative side, many of the popular hotels and resorts are booked in advance particularly around long beach near Dong Duong Town and you may need to go further a field to find accommodation and that special private beach experience. Flights also book up fast during this period, so it's wise to book in advance if possible, check out our alternative travel options or booking information. 

Shoulder Season
April - June and Late Oct can be a good time to visit Phu Quoc with less crowds, cheaper prices and fairly good odds of reasonable weather. You will find that April and May are the hottest months with temperatures reaching 35 degrees and humidity around 80% to 85%. It may be worth paying for air conditioning at this time of year or staying close to the beach. June and late Sept can be good, though it depends on your luck with the rain. In October many resorts schedule their annual maintenance before the high season, so check before you book.

Low Season
July to September is dominated by the monsoon and unless you enjoy some muddy adventure, it get can rather wet at times, though you can get lucky of course and have intermittent good weather. Monsoon season can be especially wet and wild, with the continual rain during this time, the red dirt roads turn to slippery sludge and some roads become impassable. We recommend you bring your wet weather gear.